Working together with your personal tastes and ideas along with our design expertise, we start by creating a selection of beautiful Pinterest mood boards in all the areas that you require our design assistance.

    With all of our focus being aimed at just the visual aspects of your day, all of the important fine details are never forgotten about.


    You may even be part way through the design process and left not knowing which way to go with your ideas. This can feel very overwhelming with so many styles and options out there to choose from.

    At the end of the design process, you will be left with a clear understanding of how your day will look, along with a list of items of décor needed to create the style chosen.


    This service takes place for upto 10 hours over a period of 1 month.


    Why not team this with our Supplier Sourcing package and leave us to source all the props and decor required for your chosen look.

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