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Why choose a Wedding day coordinator?

With the ever increasingly popular choice of going for a 'DIY' wedding such as as marquee, it appeals to alot of couples that really want a blank canvas to showcase their wedding decor and style.

With logistics in place, these are such amazing weddings to be involved in. I love how you can start from scratch with the design plans and can really get carried away with it all.. and even better, you don't have to worry if your bridesmaids dresses will clash with the vintage carpet and wallpaper!!

In all seriousness, the idea of a 'DIY' wedding is great, but if i can give you just 1 tip, it would be to think of the logistics. Who will be getting the last minute bits of table decor sorted on the morning of your wedding? Who will be picking up the pieces if somethings not going to plan? You don't want to be stressed wondering if everything's running on time in order for your band to play at 8pm. The list could go on, but i think you get the general idea! You don't want to be handing over the responsibility to your mother-in-law or besties to take on as they will be wanting to enjoy the day too. So who will oversee the day?..

Hiring in a Wedding day coordinator is so important, to give you that time that every newly wed needs to enjoy their special day.

See below what our package includes:

•Upto 10 hours of Coordination on the day

• Initial phone meeting

• Meeting one month prior to the Wedding to run through any final details

• Create a timeline schedule for the Wedding day

• Contact all suppliers one week prior

• Making sure your venue is all how you had envisaged

• Meeting and directing suppliers on the day

• Assisting guests as they arrive and directing them on where to go

• Guidance and support to the Bride and Groom throughout the day where needed

• Toast mastering if required

When we coordinate, no two weddings are the same. But one thing we ALWAYS do, is work tirelessly throughout the whole day to insure your day is as perfect as you envisaged, leaving you both feeling relaxed and in love.

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