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Macrame workshops at Una St Ives

Well what can we say... other than we LOVE macrame here at NBWD!

We've been having great fun recently, hosting some, yep you guessed it.. macrame hanging workshops. With Una St Ives resort having such a fabulous spot, i thought it'd be a great place to host some fun craft workshops where people can let their creative inner being flow. And whats better, you can have a dip in their pool and use the spa facilities at a reduced cost when attending one of our workshops!.. the food is pretty good too if you get chance to check out their menu.

I guided everyone through how to complete the 3 main macrame knots, and then let them just go with the flow of however they wanted. I love how each and every design has come out so different and unique.

Not forgetting the festive macrame tree hanging workshops we hosted aswell.. These were great fun!

Look how fab these turned out.

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