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Surprise marriage proposal

Kynance Cove, Lizard, Cornwall

Have you ever wondered what the most romantic marriage proposal would look like?... well it looks like this!!

My heart still skips a beat when i see these two love birds snuggled up together under the star lit sky by the camp fire.

I was asked by Godwin to create a surprise marriage proposal for his then girlfriend Dorothy, in September. He knew he wanted the proposal to take place at the magical spot of Kynance cove after spending time researching, but when asked what ideas he had in mind, he just answered with "I'd really like some red rose petals in the shape of a heart"... So the rest was left to me to design and organise! There is nothing i love more than being left to my own devices, I was completely in my element.

From planning every inch of detail of putting photos into frames, to seeing them negotiating the steep steps of Kynance with Dorothy blindfolded, to Godwin preparing himself, taking off his jacket before getting down on one knee, it was the most romantic proposal in history. It's got to be high up on the list of the best proposals!

A huge congratulations to Godwin & Dorothy!

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